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Lake Chambon

Our hotel is only a 100 meters away from two beaches, Murol's and Chambon-sur-lac's. Check them out!

This volcanic dam lake, born 8000 years ago, extends over 60ha. Not very deep (6m/ 19ft), it is scattered with small islands and it is adapted for bathing, nautical activities and fishing.

Nature Reserve of Chaudefour

The Chaudefour Valley corrie is one of Auvergne’s most beautiful glacial valleys. This valley measures 820.5 ha and became a listed natural site in 1991; it is famous for its sharp and spectacular levees; volcanic dykes revealed by erosion: ‘la Dent de la Rancune’ (The Grudge’s Tooth), ‘la Crête du Coq’ (The Cock’s Crest), ‘l’Aiguille du Moine’ (The Monk’s Needle).


La bonne hôtesse is only 14 km away from this family-oriented ski station. Many activities await you there, wether you're coming for the winter or the summer: ski, ice climbing, sled dogs riding, hiking, cycling, bathing, swimming, bowling, etc.

Do not miss the big finale of the international automobile competition run on frozen courses "Trophée Andros", which is held there every year in January!

The Mont-Dore

La bonne hôtesse is only 17 km away from this beautiful ski and thermal resort, located around the Dordogne sources; le Mont-Dore offers a lot of activities fit for your family either in winter or summer.

Le site troglodyte de Jonas

Only 15 km away from your bedroom stands a historic site and monument !

It's a full-on adventure that awaits you, even more if you choose to book one of their escape games!

Le parc pédagogique aux myocastors et kangourous

Only a 10 minutes drive away to amaze your little ones with the wonderful creatures that are kangourous, coypus and lamas (among many others)!

Les fontaines pétrifiantes de Saint-Nectaire

What awaits you is an underground immersion to an astonishing petrifying ladder which leads to a family-run atelier, established in 1821, holding the trade secrets of a unique of its kind know-how : petrification handicraft.  

Les grottes du Cornadore

In this "museum", you will explore natural caves adored by the Romans since the 1st century!

Le château de Murol

Founded in the 12th century, this mighty fortress has withstood many attempts at a siege. Go and find out how to resist the enemy!

Le centre tout terrain du Sancy

In dire need of big thrills?

They have what you need!